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Old pawn and other southwestern styles

Welcome to Wild Notions
Looking for high quality decorative buttons?
We have silver buttons !    We have brass buttons !   We have coin buttons !

Lots of styles to choose !

Our distinctive, high quality apparel products are very desirable in creating authentic Western, Southwestern, and Native American designs for clothes, leather, or furniture. 
I offer personal service and dependability, with a made in the USA product.  
Your deadlines are a priority!


These products are made from either German silver or red brass.   We use several different methods to produce them, including repousse and stamped.

We also offer a wide variety of authentic coin buttons including:
Peace Dollar, Morgan Dollar, Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Standing Liberty Quarter, Indian Head Nickel, Buffalo Nickel, Mercury Dime, Indian Head Penny, and more!

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Wanting to buy wholesale quantities?

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These handmade buttons are perfect for all your special projects.

These unusual buttons can be used as:
Jacket buttons
Coat buttons
Vest buttons
Bracelet buttons
Necklace buttons
Gift buttons
Bridle buttons
Bag buttons
Blouse buttons
Purse buttons
Shirt buttons
Jeans buttons
Chaps buttons
Pants buttons
Curtain buttons
Pillow buttons
Costume Buttons
Cosplay Buttons
Prop Buttons

Our buttons are known as:
Apparel buttons
Sewing buttons
Clothing buttons
Garment buttons
Special project buttons
They come with a loop attached to the back for sewing on to your projects.

These Handmade buttons are a perfect accent to your projects needing:
Southwestern buttons
Western buttons
Native American buttons
Silver buttons
Brass buttons
Coin buttons
Special buttons
Custom buttons
Elegant buttons
Unusual buttons
Conversation starters

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